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Jinan Huafei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.The welding positioner is a practical auxiliary positioner. It is mainly used in workplaces such as welding of steel structures and assembly of mechanical parts. It is widely used in the manufacturing industry of various steel structures such as flanges, pipe joints, etc. It can also be used as peripheral equipment and a robot to achieve automatic welding. Website:www.huafeicnc.com
Shenzhen Dreamway Technology Co., LimitedShenzhen Dreamway Technology Co., Limited is a manufacturer of LED display, including Outdoor LED Screen, Indoor LED Display, LED Screen Rental and Taxi LED Display.
Dreamwaytech commenced operations in 2013, and has a team with more than 10 years of experience in this field.
With about 2,000 square meters of factory area, the production capacity could reach more than 800 square meters at the average per month.
In the factory, there are 12 SMD machines, 3 reflow soldering machines, 12 screw machines, 6 automatic glue machines, and 10 aging racks for LED modules.
Tianjin Leap Technology Co.,LtdThis is a company specializing in the production of high quality, high-quality wire, and cable to protect the casing and its accessories company, the company's products mainly include bs4568steel conduit, UL797 EMT conduit, IEC61386 conduit, IMC conduit, RSC conduit, etc., products widely used in construction, machine tools, railway, automobile, chemical industry, automobile, monitoring, construction decoration, construction decoration, building materials, decoration, and other industries.