Causes of High Cost of CNC Machine Parts

by Sebastian

When choosing a custom CNC parts for your CNC machine, price is a vital determining factor. Some managers get discouraged by the high price tags manufacturers place on their products.

People often wonder why the prices of these machine parts are always outrageous. That is why this blog was created to explain the factors that influence the price of these products.

5 Factors That Influence the Price of a CNC Machine Part

There are a lot of factors that tend to either increase or decrease the price of a CNC machine part. Some of them are discussed below

1. Material of the parts

The material of the parts determines the price of a CNC part. Some materials tend to take longer than others during machining.

For example, the time required to machine a piece of steel is usually more than the time required to machine a piece of copper. Hence, the resources needed in the machining of steel will be more than that needed for the machining of copper.

This is why the steel parts will always be more expensive when compared to copper parts. In most cases. Harder materials always cost more.

The availability of material also determines the cost. Easy to get materials are normally cheaper than the rare ones.

2. Production equipment

Equipment used in production will influence the final cost of the part. If a manufacturer lacks one of the production machines, he will include outsourcing costs.

This is usually done after the production is complete and it tends to increase the cost of the part. Sometimes production processes could lead to the depreciation of a machine.

If this happens, the depreciated amount is added to the cost of parts.

3. Size and Complexity of part

Complex parts take a longer time to produce and as such are usually more expensive. Drawing out complex designs usually takes more time.

More time means more resources will be put into the process. Therefore it is only reasonable that manufacturers increase the cost of the parts to make up for their expenses.

Also, larger sizes mean more resources, more time, and increased price. A large part is likely to be more expensive than a small part.

4. Number of parts produced

Purchasing in bulk is one sure way of ensuring you get parts at a reduced cost. This is because when a manufacturer produces a large volume, he tends to save more.

However, the prices of parts are more expensive when you buy them individually.

5. Additional Manufacturing costs

Other than the discussed issues, other factors influence the prices of a CNC part. Such factors include tax charges and rates.

Taxes are usually attached to some raw materials and the finished product. If the taxes are high, it invariably increases the prices of CNC parts.

Other additional costs may include management cost and delivery cost. Remember, the manufacturer still has to make a profit from all these.


Naturally, the prices of CNC parts are expensive. Even though the manufacturer you approach runs an in-house production, prices will still be high.

This is because there are a lot of factors (material of parts, production equipment, size of parts, and the number of parts) that seem to escalate the prices.

Do not make the mistake of searching for cheap CNC parts otherwise, you will fall victim to scam. Instead, source for reputable companies.

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