Top uses of planetary gears in communication technology

by Sebastian
planetary gears in communication technology

The communication technology industry remains one of the most important sectors of any economy. Even in the business world, communication continues to play a vital role in shaping how profits are generated. Most companies are always looking to stay ahead of evolving technological trends via the adoption of the most efficient gadgets.

The incorporation of planetary gear motors into many communication facilities continues to gather pace. Gear motor manufacturers are being called upon for myriads of their products. This article highlights some of its application in communication technology to help you appreciate the advantages of using these gear motors, 

Mobile phone cameras

Gone are the days when it seemed almost impossible to capture sharp images without a proper camera. The camera on modern mobile phones takes beautiful shots seamlessly. However, phone manufacturers are always looking to design enhanced models of their brand; this birthed the idea of a mobile phone camera gearbox. Miniature gearbox systems are installed in the phone’s camera hardware for added capabilities. Cameras Can now stay concealed on mobile phones with the possibility of the camera sliding out when needed. This sliding action is made possible via the small pushrod gear motor that generates the required torque to complete the operation.

Videoconferencing gadgets

People are slowly turning towards the use of video conferences in carrying out daily transacts. The importance of the gearbox motor in the videoconferencing equipment cannot be overemphasized. The gearbox makes it possible to have the cameras used for teleconferencing to move in any direction. Also, the cameras have been modified to smaller sizes while the noise generated is also minimized.

Smart Energy meters

The use of smart meters in the rationing and distribution of electrical energy is fast gaining ground in many countries. These meters make it possible to monitor and track electricity usage effortlessly. Automation is quite advantageous to the energy industry as electricity distribution companies can now use these meters to bill their clients. Gearbox motors in the shape of micromotors provide the electricity tracking capabilities in the smart meters. Electric energy meters are way more reliable than the traditional meters in bill measurement and usage tracking.

Anti-theft in tower base stations

The security of equipment positioned at the communication base stations isn’t as effective as it should be; this has led to large numbers of theft cases. These equipment are vital to the transmission, and continuous theft could lead to a massive breakdown of communication. Using the gearbox motors, these stations can be well secured through an intelligent lock control system. The control system is connected to a board and network that efficiently transmits to and from the locks. Furthermore, the locks are entirely impenetrable by the electromagnetic interference of any form. The base station lock system can also be customized for added capabilities.

Final thoughts

The Communication technology industry continues to benefit from advantageous innovations. The gearbox motor is being used to significant effects in this industry; this article points out some of those applications.

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