The Applications Of PIR Sandwich Panels

by Sebastian

A sandwich panel is a type of panel that is made up of three or more materials. The materials are adhered together to form one product. Sandwich panels come in a wide range of varieties. The most recent varieties the PIR sandwich panel. This post will focus on explaining what PIR sandwich panels are and the advantages they offer.

What is a PIR sandwich panel?

PIR is a flame retardant polyurethane foam. In this type of foam, the thermosetting is polyisocyanurate. It helps prevent flames from spreading under high temperatures. Therefore, a PIR sandwich panel is a flame retardant panel made from three or more materials. It can be applied in industrial buildings or facilities. These sandwich panels are also highly applied in the construction industry.

Advantages of PIR sandwich panels

Below are reasons why PIR sandwich panels are trendy in construction and other applications;

1. They are easy to manipulate

One of the best qualities and top benefits of PIR sandwich panels is that they are easy to manipulate. This means that project managers and construction workers can achieve various designs while constructing buildings.

2. They are easy to install

PIR sandwich panels are also preferred in construction because they are easy to install. Their installation process does not take a lot of time. The fact that they are comprised of different materials also means that you do not have to install each material separately. Their ease of installation also means that you do not have to spend a lot of money on the process.

3. They are durable

PIR sandwich panels are stiffer than other types of panels. This means that they are harder to damage than their counterparts. It also means that you do not have to worry about breaking them during the installation process. Note that their stiffness can be attributed to the use of three or more materials for their manufacture.

4. They are flame retardant

As mentioned earlier, PIR is a flame retardant material. When there are high temperatures, the outer material of the sandwich panel forms a component known as Carbonari. This element is responsible for flame retardation. Therefore, when PIR sandwich panels are used, they protect buildings from hazardous fires. For this reason, PIR sandwich panels are used on the roof and in buildings where fires are likely to occur. The sandwich panels also boast thermo-stability.

Applications of PIR sandwich panels

Generally, PIR sandwich panels are used in areas where there are high temperatures and the fire risk is high. Such industries where PIR sandwich panels are applied include;

  • Agriculture- especially in fruit and vegetable buildings and greenhouses
  • Military
  • Residential buildings
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Industrial buildings where high temperatures and flammable products are present

Note that the area of application usually influences the type of sandwich panel applied. It also affects the size used. Most sandwich panels feature a width of 1000mm.


Note that the three layers of a sandwich panel are the external metal support, insulation, and internal metal support layer. The layers work together to provide the advantages mentioned above and more.

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