Tips and tricks for e-commerce fulfillment

by Sebastian

Ecommerce has different stages. You could be setting up or in another advanced stage of e-commerce, such as figuring out logistics in the e-commerce fulfillment. There are various e-commerce fulfillment processes that you need to go through and could be daunting at some point.

Ecommerce fulfillment has gained popularity across the world. In some cases, you will need to export products to customers in other countries. For example, China’s e-commerce fulfillment¬†includes delivering goods from China to different locations far and wide. Our experience in e-commerce operations has taught us several lessons that we feel will be important for you and your e-commerce fulfillment.

Tips and Tricks for e-commerce fulfillment

Checklists and spreadsheets

Ecommerce fulfillment has several recurring processes. It is easy to forget or have variables in one stage of the process. You may forget to include a package or to do something significant with a given order.

An excellent way to be safe with leaving out some components of an order or package is to prepare checklists. Checklists will help you to point out any missing item in a specific order. You may also consider templates and workflows to assist you in training new people that you intend to work with within your team. Spreadsheets will be essential in putting all these together in one place.

Understanding various micro-variables in the process

Knowing micro variables between the arrival of inventory to your store and the departure of the same good to customers. It would be best to record the activities between the arrival and departure of goods from the store.

Writing down all the steps involved in between is critical for your understanding of the micro variables. The main benefit of writing down the processes is to have a clear picture of where to take an order once you receive it. Otherwise, ruining the whole process is easy when you do not picture the process.

Organizing the inventory

Organizing your inventory may include the incorporation of barcodes into your products. Besides, your organization should add any additional products that you need to make a complete package. A spreadsheet will help identify the rate at which each product sells and use this data for your organization.

Process sales in bulk

In e-commerce fulfillment, you will primarily process your sales in bulk. Weekend sales may be processed on a weekday, for example, a Monday. This prior preparation gives you ample time to compose and organize yourself with minimal chances of leaving anything out. Depending on how you understand your e-commerce fulfillment, you can establish the best plan that works for you.

Determine your productivity 

Your productivity is the amount of work and time you take to work against the amount of money you make. Put a price on your time through doing other activities that will help you grow your e-commerce fulfillment. Such activities may include marketing, building relationships with customers, and customer service.

The secret to growing your e-commerce fulfillment is understanding your process and organizing yourself to maximize your time in the fulfillment.

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