Top Uses of CNC Metal Machining

by Sebastian

Right from small scale industries to big industries, the CNC machine is in operation almost everywhere. In fact, almost every manufacturing facet is touched by a CNC metal machining processes. Now everyone has an idea of what CNC machines are capable of doing.

Therefore, given the wide range of things that CNC metal machining can do for a company, there has been a surge in need of CNC programmers. For instance, CNC machines have the highest degree of automation, which a company can utilize in lowering their labor intensity. Moreover, they have multi-axis linkage, which allows attaining of complex processing of prototype machining.

So, given that CNC metal machining has a plethora of advantages, what are some of the areas that have made the use of the CNC machine?

Where CNC Metal Machining is Used

Metal removing industries

One sector that has made use of the CNC machines is the metal removing industries that removes metals from raw material to make the desired end product. It can be in automotive industries that make gears, shafts, and several other parts.

Manufacturing industries can use make use of them in making a square, rounded, threaded, rectangular, or other shaped products.

Fabricating Metal Industries

Several industries are in need of thin metal plates like steel plates to use them in creating end products. Therefore, CNC machines have been used to make such metal fabrication tasks like flame/plasma cutting, drilling precision holes, shearing, and welding easier.

Several industries for fabricating metals are benefiting from the CNC machines, such as;


When it comes to the computer industry, the computers and motherboards ideally have brains that have a plethora of tinny parts which must be made with absolute precision. Therefore, CNC machines come of handy in such scenarios.


There has been a huge application of CNC machines in the firearms sector, whereby they are used in creating ammunition clips, barrels, triggers, pins, and several other components of guns.

The EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Applications

The EDM machines are used to remove metal, whereby they create that spark that, in turn, burns the metal. With CNC automation, two types of EDM exist – Wire EDM and Vertical EDM.

Vertical EDM requires an electrode of a similar shape and size as the cavity to be carved out. On the other hand, Wire EDM is used in creating the punch and die combinations for dies set that are used in the metal fabrication industries.

There’s a wide range of areas that CNC machines can be applied, for instance, in the woodworking industries, engraving and lettering systems, the pharmaceutical industry, electrical industry, food and beverage industry, and several others.

Nevertheless, whichever the industry that you can think about, without a doubt, you’ll be able to find some sort of CNC machine in use and that suits the need of that particular sector. Therefore, it resulted in some arguments that all the advancements that have been achieved in the manufacturing industry are all down to the advancements in CNC technology. Perhaps, that could be true given the fact that nowadays, things have been digitized.

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