How LCD Display Can Be Used in Various fields

by Sebastian
TFT LCD Display Modules

Most people only relate LCD to electronic equipment or machinery, but what they do not know is that LCDs have a wide range of applications. 

If you are hearing the term ‘LCD displays’ for the first time or have no idea of what it is all about, not to worry! This article has got you covered.

LCD is short for liquid crystal display. They are flat panel or electronically manipulated displays that use a merger between polarizers and properties of liquid crystals that modulate light.

Wait, huh?

Chill. It isn’t as confusing as it looks. Simply put, LCDs are flat or electronic panels that use a liquid crystal as its primary operating substance. They can be found in smartphones, computer monitors, instrument panels, televisions, etc.

They radically replaced older technologies like the Light Emitting Diode (LED) and the gas-plasma displays, because LCDs enabled displays to be much thinner and smoother.

With that being stated, how do they apply in various fields and industries?

  • Precision instruments: Instrumentation is a very important component of information technology. Therefore, there is a need for the invention of instruments and meters that can be used to control technological advancements. STONE Technologies produce these instruments that can obtain, gather, analyze and display given data, which then helps the engineer to fix the machine and make the needed corrections. These precision instruments are widely used in electrical systems.
  • Civil electronics: Civil electronics (otherwise known as Civionics) is a field that combines both civil and electronics engineering disciplines. Its application is vast.
  • The STONE display can be used with LCD drivers and STM32 to optimize coffee machine control
  • Fingerprint Identification can be done using the TFT LCD module
  • LCDs are visible in snack vending machines. When people use these machines, they must be properly maintained. Much care and attention should go to the touch LCD screen so that the lifespan of the machine will be enhanced.
  • Beauty and Medicine: Most people have no idea that LCDs can be applied to the medical and beauty industries. Here are some cases:
  • LCD display manufacturers used the STONE display screen to manufacture an oxygen monitor for health specialists.
  • LCD manufacturers used the Arduino LCD and HMI created by STONE Technologies to regulate and display heart rate
  • Board tutorial: A STONE LCD device is used to manufacture beauty devices.
  •  Energy:
  • The LCD manufacturer, STONE, uses HMI display technology to enable effective field solar charging.
  • The touch screen TFT LCD modules are used to carry out various energy projects.
  • The STONE Intelligent display can be used in systems such as EV chargers, fuel dispensers, etc. With this technology, it is possible to design the interface with a lot more information.
  • Electricity equipment: LCD display manufacturers can use TFT display systems to control humidity, temperature, and other components of an electricity system. The TFT module is so powerful that it can work under tough conditions like low temperature, electromagnetic radiation, etc.

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