How the Automatic Recirculation valves work

by Sebastian

The Automatic Recirculation valve is a unique type of valve whose special use is to make sure that there is a pre-determined rate of flow attained

The main function of the automatic recirculation valve is to ensure that the continuous flow which is already pre-determined is reached through the centrifugal pump. The use of the automatic recirculation valve is very important because the continuous flow of the pump at all times could potentially pose great harm to your centrifugal pump.

The consequence of not making good use of the automatic recirculation valve is that your centrifugal pumps get all heated up and you will end up losing all your equipment.

In this article, we will show you how the automatic recirculation valve work and why it is important for your centrifugal pump.

How does the Automatic Recirculation Pump work?

The automatic recirculation valves in such a way to protect the centrifugal pumps. This protection is very important, especially in low load operations. While using the automatic recirculation valve, as the pump load goes below the set flow rate, the disc goes deeper into the seats. In the centrifugal pump, the bypass bush will be able to open a bypass path of flow.

The Applications of Automatic Recirculation Valves.

This valve is a unique one that can be applied in a whole lot of areas. The most common application is in the protection of the pumps that help to convey hot water for the boiler. Without the presence of the recirculation valves, there will be partial evaporation which will cause the centrifugal pump to run dry.

The automatic recirculation system helps to maintain a minimum flow even when the main valve is shut off.

Another great application of the automatic recirculation valve is to help protect pumps that are highly performant to go through the startup phase with ease. In cases like this, several pumps are used in a parallel sequence having one on standby.

The good thing about the automatic recirculation valve is that good swaps can occur without having to damage the inner working of the valve.

A lot of manufacturers all over the world have greatly commended the use of the automatic recirculation valves to help them regulate the flow of liquid in their centrifugal pump. However, most manufacturers have often complained about the difficulty of getting the best pumps for use in the marketplace.

There are a lot of companies that have come out and produced the best when it comes to the automatic recirculation valve. However, there is one company that has stood the test of time when you talk about the production of these Automatic Recirculation valves. This company is the Shanghai Datian Valve Pipe Engineering Company. This company is one of the best in its class and over the years, they have produced the best and the most fantastic results that manufacturers love.


So, there you have it. The Automatic Recirculation Value is one of the valves that you can include in your manufacturing processes to ensure the best result. GO for vendors that can give you the best valves you can get. Shanghai Datian Valve Pipe Engineering Co. LTD is the right place for you to be.

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