The success of battery balancers starts here

by Sebastian

Most personal cells in a battery have different capacities. These capacities may include a difference in the level and pace of charging. In other to maximize battery capacity, the use of a battery equalizer is essential.

A good example of equipment with balancing capacity is the battery equalizer HA02.

The rationale behind battery balancing capacity comes into play because of the varieties in battery cell construction.

The varieties in battery cell construction
The different experiences acquired from cell usage is a major reason for numerous battery cell constructions.

In every modern design, each manufacturer orchestrates and makes his own manufacturing plan. Without the presence of quality balancing, most batteries would be dead in a short period.

Without the presence of battery equalizers, batteries will not function properly. They can be easily overcharged or undercharged.

Order of Battery equalizer arrangement  
Battery equalizer circuits are to be organized in a manner that allows higher cells to be fully charged while lower cells can be powered by the higher cells.

In a proper battery management system, active balancing temperature, monitoring, and charging are major features for a battery bag.

A handful of batteries operate in a variety of formats. The battery redistribution process is placed apart from battery balancing. By laying apart, the battery capacity does not get to its full potential.

By not reaching its full potential, the battery balancing format is considered a passive one.

Lithium battery formation
The lithium battery formation is a branch of battery equalizers. It provides quality protection for batteries. This protection may include safety from overcharging and undercharging functions.

Lithium chemical substances, give room for flexible structures. These structures can be used through the covered bag provision. The covered bag provision creates an avenue for top-notch consistency within a battery bag.

Overcharging and under-charging are not the only issues battery balancers protect. A situation of a false charge is also one being insured against by the battery balancers.

Battery balancers are a sure-bet when it comes to comprehending battery chemistry. These balancers aid the battery bag in its fight against chemical damage.

Chemical damages protected against by the battery balancer     
The chemical damages protected against by the battery equalizers are numerous. They range from cathode fouling, atomic breakdown, and major over-volts supply.

In the charging process, the battery equalizers absorb over-charging features and discharge excessive power. These powers are then moved to battery sections where they are needed.

In modern battery construction, some areas may need a slightly hotter condition than other areas. The battery balancers are responsible for solving these over-heating issues.

These equalizers absorb excessive heat and send the heat to much-needed sections of the battery.   

Demerits of lithium battery
A good majority of lithium cell constructions contain hydro-carbonated chemicals. In lay-man terms, hydro-carbonated chemicals are highly inflammable chemical properties.

Being highly inflammable, the hydro-carbonated chemicals are explosives. Such are not advisable to be used in severe field situations.

Final Thoughts
So here you have it! Batteries must have equalizers. It is really the only way to optimize the capacity of your battery.

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