Step by step of CNC machining

by Sebastian

Many people do not know what to think when they hear of CNC machining. All that is known about it is, it’s a process used to create precious machined parts for various uses. The one thing that gets many people is not knowing just how detailed the whole process is. The assumption made is the fact that CNC machining china uses the help of computers then it is a fast process that happens with the click of a button.

The truth is far from it. The CNC machining processis a long one and needs all the concentration. Learning more about it will help one appreciate the end product even more. Here are the major steps that occur in the CNC machining process.

1. CAD Model Design

Before anything else is done, engineers develop the 3D or 2D model design of the parts they are trying to create. This stage is crucial because any mistakes done here will get carried out to the final piece. The engineers often work based on the instructions the client has left. There can be various changes made to the model to ensure that it best suits the client’s needs.

2. CAD model converted to the CNC program

Once the CAD program has rendered the images required for the model, they are converted into a CNC program that the machines will use. Just like the model design, this step is usually carried out using the software.

3. CNC machine setup

Once there is a program to be run, the CNC milling machine is set up. The engineers first run a thorough check to ensure that the machine is well oiled and has enough coolant. Any servicing that needs to be done to the machine will be carried out at this point. Once the machine is confirmed to be ready, it is turned on.

4. Loading the tools and programs

The CNC program created for the machined pieces is then loaded up into the machine. The tools required to run the program are also loaded onto the machine. There are various manuals one can use if they are new to using the machine. The program can be loaded onto the machine either using a USB flash memory or a floppy disk.

5. Run the program

At this point, the machine is ready to run. This is usually done in two different stages:

a) Dry run

Once the machine is ready, it is run in the air for about 2 minutes to ensure all the necessary tools are moving.

b) Run program while checking for errors

After the dry run, the machine can now be run using the actual materials. This is done only a couple of times before checking to see if any errors need to be rectified. If they are none, then the CNC machine can be left to run until the work is done.

Final thoughts

With all the procedures stated above, you can clearly see that running a CNC machine is not just done by touching a button. The entire exercise is a long process that needs you to be patient and be willing to redo certain steps where necessary. Learning about it will make you appreciate the process even better.

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