Why Should You Make A Prototype?

by Sebastian

Prototyping is a significant part of the product development process. A wide range of techniques can be used to create prototypes. One of these methods is metal machining. Note that the type of technique used determines the characteristics and qualities of the prototype. It also determines the prototype benefits, which will be discussed in this post.

Benefits of creating a prototype

Several developers spend time and money on creating prototypes. This is because of the benefits that the prototypes have to offer. Below are some of these benefits;

1. It promotes a better understanding of the design intent

One of the primary reasons why prototypes are created is to test the functionality of a product. For this reason, a significant characteristic of prototypes is functionality. The product is usually designed to test how functional a product is. Therefore, a benefit of prototyping is promoting a better understanding of the intent of the design.

It helps the designers, manufacturers, investors, and users understand how a product works. For the designers, it helps them grasp what they are designing, how it works to achieve its intent and the changes that need to be made to it.

2. It helps designers achieve early feedback

Another primary reason why prototypes are created is to gather feedback. The prototypes are usually created as a mock-up of the design, then tested to ensure that they meet the requirements and needs for which they were designed. The testing process usually involves random users who are also potential buyers of the product. Feedback is then gathered and used to make changes and improvements to the product.

In addition to the users, prototypes can also be used to get feedback for the team members, management, and stakeholders. Here, they get to give input on what needs to be changed, improved, or maintained. This helps ensure that the final product sent for mass production is without any fault.

3. It helps save a lot of money and time

Another benefit of prototypes is that it helps save the designers a lot of money and time. Conventionally, manufacturers would design a product, create it, and sell it to the public. They would count on feedback from the crowd and make changes later on. However, with a prototype, companies save a lot of money by only producing perfect products.

The prototypes are used to make all the changes before the product is produced in mass. This also helps with client retention since they do not have to witness any faults in the product. A process like rapid prototyping also helps save a lot of time. The time translates to money as it can be applied in doing other essential things.


Another advantage of prototypes is that they help developers get validation before mass-producing a product. This can be achieved through user research and testing. Note that users or clients are significant to the success of a product or service company. Therefore, ensuring that they are happy with your product will go a long way in helping your company succeed.

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