Vibrational finishing vs barrel tumbling

by Sebastian

There are generally two processes for giving finishing to a product. Vibrational finishing machines and barrel tumblers are the best to do mass level finishing of products. They give a brilliant finish to your products in massive volumes, and that too in a short period. Both methods prepare the metal for coating purposes and both do the job of polishing, burnishing, deburring ad de-flashing as well. However, there are some factors that become the source of distinction among this equipment. The basic difference is in the usage, the type of media use in two processes, and the rules of operations as well.

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Defining vibrational finishing

Vibrational finishing revolves around the placement of the products in a machine, the deployment of the media, and the usage of different compounds in the vibratory bowl or tub. The machinery exerts a force on different parts which are an action that takes you to media and products that rub against each other. The end product is a polished part or product that is also has been perfectly deburred.

This process is highly popular to do mass finishing of products like polishing, cleaning, descaling, and preparation of different types of surfaces. You cannot achieve this kind of deburring by doing manual labor, which is why the manufacturers that produce in big volumes opt for round bowls and vibrational machines.

Defining barrel finishing

Tumble finishing or barrel finishing spans around the placement of different products alongside and abrasive media and different types of compounds inside a barrel. You will also have to fill the barrel with a lot of water. As the barrel rotates, it tumbles the media and the products and blends them. The tumbling motion triggers friction among the items that cause abrasion in the products. The process of quick abrasion deburrs the surfaces of your products.

The differences

Deburring barrels are like batch-type processing machines. The difference between barrel finishing and vibrational finishing is that in barrel tumbling, machines create the much-needed friction between different products and the media.

In the vibrational finishing process, you can use ceramic or any other media. Ceramic is known for its high density and is the best media to polish hard metals and the products made of tough steel. The option also includes products made of aluminum oxide.

The vibrational finishing tumbler vibrates at a high speed while the barrel tumbler moves at a slower pace. In the vibrational finishing tumbler, the product is cut at 1800 times per minute, which is why its cycles are shorter and it is faster than any other process including the barrel tumbler process.

A vibrational finishing system produces a smooth and even finishing surface because all the parts of a product move at a fast speed. The barrel tumbling process produces uneven surfaces. It is good for the removal of a brute stick.

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