Where Is CNC Machining Applied?

by Sebastian

Your initial manufacturing steps are very vital. You need to test your products effectively before setting them out for the market. In this case, you will need CNC machining services so that you will be able to produce your products. Do you need CNC milling, turning, EDM (electrical discharge machining)prototype mould? You need a competent machining manufacturer to give you the best service ever. 3ERP will be your most reliable manufacturer providing rapid tooling CNC machining services at your customizable design.

Let us look at some of these machining services that you are likely to find with the 3ERP rapid tooling services.

CNC Milling

Do you need to incorporate different shapes and features in your products? 3ERP will provide machining services to you at your customizable needs with the use of multi-axis milling machines. Through the use of these milling machines, 3ERP have been able to create more accurate and repeatable different types of part features of complex geometries. These various geometries include Holes, angled shapes, curves and channels. You will also require a milling process for making tooling for pressure die casting and plastic injection moulding.

CNC turning

Have you wondered how threads are made for the round components such as the worms, shafts and spheres? They are made through the turning process. You will need a CNC turning process to make all the internal and external geometries for your components. The CNC turning process will be able to perform very efficiently as it can create high-speed turning of both plastics and metal from block and bar materials. You need to consult 3ERP to get your turning services done with the professional touch.

 You know CNC machining and maybe you do not know where to apply it? There are diverse ways where you can be able to apply the machining processes as follows.

Aerospace industry

 Are you an aeronautical engineer? Do you deal with the manufacture of aerospace products? CNC machining is an inevitable process in the manufacture of its products. Some of these crucial areas requiring CNC machining include Prototype engine components, fuel panels, engine mounts among other products.

Automotive industry

This is an industry where CNC Machining is inevitable. Do you need components of your car to be moulded in your style? The CNC machining process will be used in the creation of your cars and the function testing components such as lighting, the engine, steering system and the transmission. You may have a limited-edition vehicle that doesn’t get spare parts easily in the market? your spare parts can be easily customised through this machining process.


Medicine today always goes hand in hand with technology. Have you wondered how those medical equipment are made such as scalpels, artificial implants, microscope parts among other products? It is through the CNC machining process. This equipment and implants should be very tolerant and have a high turnaround. Thanks to the CNC Machining process it can be done.

There are other areas where we can apply the CNC machining process in technology such as mould making, design making and prototyping.

For your machining services, contact 3ERP for more information.

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